Selectus Academy: Become a Selectus Pro!

Selectus Academy: Become a Selectus Pro!

Did you know that you can earn a certificate from the Selectus Academy that certifies that you have completed the Selectus Tutorial for Staff?

The Selectus Tutorial for Staff provides video tutorials on all topics relevant to Staff, explaining the most important steps in Selectus:

  • General tips and tricks
  • Call setup
  • User management
  • Experts/referees/feedback
  • Evaluation
  • Decision
  • Communication

For each of these topics there is a short test after the videos. If you have answered all test questions correctly, you will automatically receive a certificate.

If you are a new Selectus Staff, this will give you the basic skills and an overall idea of all the possibilities Selectus has to offer. If you have been using Selectus for some time, you can test yourself to see if you are already familiar with all the features and possibilities and whether you can indeed answer the test questions correctly. Just give it a try! The reward is a lovely certificate.

Christine Benesch

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