The Feature Focus Series on the Selectus Blog

The Feature Focus Series on the Selectus Blog

With software, it’s sometimes a bit like spring cleaning at home: We suddenly discover long-forgotten or never-before-used things that would actually be quite useful. Why not revive the bread baking machine in the basement from its slumber and enjoy freshly baked bread for Sunday breakfast? Or dig out the summer dress from two years ago from the back corner of the closet and put it on once again?

Selectus also has a considerable number of useful features, which are used extensively by some Selectus clients, but tend to sit in the back of the virtual closet for others. If you are among the latter, the Feature Focus series on the Selectus Blog will help you (re)discover these tools and features. Unlike the Selectus tutorials or the manual, the Feature Focus articles are not primarily about technical instructions, but rather focus on demonstrating possible use cases and application scenarios for the various tools.

Since we started the series, a considerable number of contributions have accumulated:

Is your favorite feature not yet on the list? Or do you have interesting application scenarios of particular features? Then get in touch with us – we would love to receive your ideas for new Feature Focus articles!

Christine Benesch

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