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The software Selectus simplifies and structures selection processes at universities and academic institutions. You can use Selectus for a wide variety of selection processes. Do you need to fill faculty positions and select the best candidates? Or do you need to evaluate and identify the most promising projects to be funded? Or do you even need a simple tool for deciding whom to grant an award in an efficient and fair manner?

Selectus provides simple and effective support for the administration and selection committee in all of these processes, and is perfectly tailored to the procedures and workflows at universities. With Selectus, you can assist where most of the effort is spent in making decisions. This saves time, effort and money. Meanwhile, the quality, fairness and transparency of selection processes are enhanced.

Originally built by the company frentix GmbH in collaboration with the ETH Zürich, the software has been under continuous development ever since.

Selectus – perfect for selection processes

Faculty recruiting

Do you want to improve the quality and efficiency of your academic hiring processes? Selectus is perfectly attuned to the specific routines of university recruiting processes and provides optimal support for hiring committees in their important work.

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Project evaluation

You have been granted new project funds, and now the procedure starts to select and support the best projects? So far you have been doing this with spreadsheets and PDF forms? With Selectus, you can implement fair and transparent evaluation processes more easily.

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Award selection

Finding the winner for your last award was too complicated and required too much time? Selectus supports the award process in a simple and straightforward manner – from the call for nominations, through the application process, to the evalutation and decision by the jury.

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Do you have other ideas for ways to have Selectus work for you?

You can use the software whenever committees or teams evaluate application dossiers. We would be happy to analyze your needs and show you how Selectus can best support your specific selection processes. Contact us!


Selectus – the benfits


Selectus simplifies the application and selection process, reduces the administrative burden, and increases the efficiency of the committee’s work. Thanks to better comparability of the application dossiers, the quality and fairness of the selection process will increase.


Selectus supports selection processes beginning with the setup of the call, through the application process, reference solicitation, evaluation by the committee, to the final committee decision.


Selectus is web-based. Users can access the platform wherever and whenever they want. The software is installed either on premises or on the servers of the company frentix in Zurich.


Sensitive data is protected from unauthorized access on the secure online platform. Data protection is guaranteed at all times.


Selectus will be customized and configured specifically to your needs. It is possible to commission additional functions, which will be incorporated into the standard software.


Depending on the setup, the costs may vary. We will be happy to discuss your requirements and provide you with a cost estimate.

Our Customers

Selectus was originally developed for the ETH Zurich and is now used by several universities in Switzerland and Europe.

On our reference page eyou can get an insight into our projects.

If you are interested, we will be happy to put you in touch with our reference customers.

News from the Selectus world


The new release focuses on the new reporting feature in Selectus, allowing application and committee data to be analysed.

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Do you ever get annoyed by missing features or minor (or even major) shortcomings of Selectus? In this blog post, we will present - in a not entirely neutral way and with a slightly humorous twist - the alternatives to Selectus.

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We are using a new newsletter tool: Swiss Newsletter is - like Selectus - developed and hosted in Switzerland and meets all requirements of the new Swiss data protection law (and of course the GDPR).

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If you have any questions about Selectus, we would be happy to hear from you.

Selectus is software developed by frentix GmbH in Zurich.

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