Selectus Feature Focus: Application Documents

Selectus Feature Focus: Application Documents

In our Feature Focus series, we’ll be reporting periodically on interesting features and functionalities in Selectus that facilitate the work of the selection committee and administration.
This post is about the application documents. We describe how you can request various documents from applicants.

Application documents such as CV, publication list, and statements of teaching philosophy or future research plans are still the centerpiece of academic applications. That’s why application documents also play a key role in Selectus. In this respect, Selectus can be easily adapted to customer-specific needs.

System configuration

When a Selectus installation is set up, the system configuration defines which application documents and which document formats are available. Up to 23 documents can be specified with a title in German and English – and if desired a helper text describing the requirements for the document. By default, documents are requested in PDF format. However, the Selectus instance can also be configured to allow documents to be submitted in Word (DOC), Excel (XLS), or JEPG.

Configuration of a position

When setting up a position (i.e. a call), you can easily specify which documents are mandatory or optional for applicants to submit. In addition, you can, if needed, adjust the title and helper text or the maximum document size. If your Selectus instance is configured accordingly, you can also select therequired document format. Please note, that only PDF documents can be integrated into the combined file.

In addition, there is the possibility to enable documents that should not be uploaded by the applicants but will be added to the applications by the administration.


Applicants can see directly on the instructions page which documents in which format are required or can be submitted optionally. They will also see the helper texts and the maximum document size. In the “Documents and attachments” step, applicants can easily upload their documents. Here, too, they get to see the relevant descriptions. Documents marked as mandatory must be uploaded, otherwise the application cannot be completed.

Referees and experts

Whether and which application documents referees and experts can see is configurable at position level. By default, no documents are visible. This ensures that confidential documents are only made available to the relevant target groups.

Committee work

All documents are automatically stored in the dossier of an application and each committee member can download them individually or as a combined PDF file. Reference letters uploaded by referees are also listed in the dossier and included in the Combined file.

With Selectus, you will never lose track of application documents, even if they are numerous. In addition, the clearly communicated requirements for (mandatory) documents lead to more standardized applications and thus better comparability. This helps the committee make a fair and transparent decision.

Christine Benesch

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