Small but useful: the Selectus release 5.3

Small but useful: the Selectus release 5.3

The latest Selectus release provides useful enhancements to custom fields in the application workflow and to the management of referees and experts.

  • If you add a new custom field of the type “text” to the application workflow, you can now select whether the input field for the applicants is a single-line or multi-line field. For multi-line fields, you can specify the maximum number of characters.
  • Referees and experts can now optionally enter a comment when they reject a request, e.g. to justify their rejection or to suggest alternative experts.
  • Referees and experts may also provide feedback via email. There is now the possibility for staff (and other roles managing referees/experts) to enter an administrative comment to a reference request in order to store such feedback or other remarks in the system.

Furthermore, the new release contains many other smaller improvements. For a full description of the new release, please refer to the release notes.

Christine Benesch

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