Selectus Release 5.4: Reporting Features

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Selectus Release 5.4: Reporting Features

Reporting on various aspects of appointment and other application procedures is becoming increasingly important, for example in relation to gender equality monitoring. Previously, it was possible to export flexibly configurable Excel lists of applications from Selectus. This meant that data could be analysed in Excel or transferred to other systems.

It is now also possible to generate statistical reports directly in Selectus and download these in Excel format.

Customised reporting

The reports are specifically configured for each customer and can be downloaded in Excel format. Reports can be generated for a single position or several positions simultaneously. For example, at the end of the year, it is possible to analyse all closed procedures of the year.

On the one hand, or the reports, the applications and committee members can be analysed, e.g. to report on the number of applications and committee members by gender. On the other hand, it is also possible to add statistically relevant information about the positions. This makes it possible to classify the selection procedures according to statistically relevant aspects. For example, it is possible to analyse whether the structure of applications differs between calls for full professorships, assistant professorships or open rank calls.

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Use Selectus as a long-term database: anonymise data

To ensure that the reporting/statistics function can be used over the long term, it is now possible to save data in anonymized form in Selectus after the selection process has been completed.

If a position is deleted once the process has been completed, there are now two options: firstly, delete the position completely, including all data and documents (as before), and secondly, anonymize the position. This means that all documents and all data that can identify a person (applicants or committee members) will be permanently deleted. However, data relevant for reporting such as gender, nationality, decision, etc. will be retained in the system and can be statistically analyzed. Direct access to the data is no longer possible.

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Further enhancements and improvements

Der neue Release 5.4. also contains many other enhancements and improvements. You can find all the details in the release notes.

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Christine Benesch

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